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Our process is rigorous and comprehensive in its scope. Its benefits are substantial and holistic in nature. Unlike most other firms, we do a vast amount of work for you before we’re officially engaged and charging for our services.


This is how the relationship gets started:


We get to briefly learn about you (and your spouse, if applicable) and your career history, overall family goals, financial goals and current financial situation. We get a sense of your vision for retirement, what you’re looking for in a firm and what kind of help you’ve had in the past. We ask a lot of questions to get to know you better and what concerns and unknowns keep you up at night.

Next, we talk through our introductory three-meeting process and what’s required to make it work best for you. At the end of the call, if we both decide to move forward, we schedule our first meeting. To get you familiarized, we send you more background information on Advanced Wealth Management and our partner Charles Schwab, some data-gathering forms and a checklist of info you’ll need to bring to our first meeting.


Getting organized and understanding the big picture are critical to making good financial decisions and planning for a successful retirement. The term we like to use for this comprehensive process is “ Retirement Roadmap Planning” — it’s a retirement management philosophy that digs beneath the surface to uncover all areas that need to be considered for working towards your retirement goals.

In our comfortable office, we ask a lot of questions and let you do most of the talking for roughly 45 minutes to an hour.

We analyze the forms you completed, review your statements and documents, and consider and prioritize your goals. We address any questions you have about Advanced Wealth Management. At this point, if we both agree, we begin working on a comprehensive Retirement Roadmap Plan customized to help you reach your goals.

By jumping head first into your situation, it helps us establish right up front what is most important to you.


We illuminate your current financial situation by utilizing our comprehensive planning templates and sophisticated software tools. This will be very eye-opening. We present a comprehensive detailed breakdown that includes these elements:

  • Net worth statement

    We go beyond just assets and liabilities. Your net worth statement itemizes your savings and investments, retirement accounts, real estate, life insurance and more. It includes details about account values, beneficiaries and ownership, too. If you’re like most people, you’ll love seeing all this information pulled together in one concise, comprehensive document.

  • Current net worth’s longevity

    We project your cash flow well into your retirement years. Our projection is based on your current and future expected income, taxes, your spending plan, your goals and future aspirations, the projected performance of your current investments, inflation and many more factors, such as whether you’re buying a house, sending grandkids or your children to college or expecting to inherit assets. The plan shows how your finances are likely to look if you stay on exactly the same course you’re on now and the impact on your net worth’s longevity.

  • Current portfolio

    We share with you your current RISK number versus your stated optimal RISK profile and loss tolerance levels. We do stress tests that highlight the strengths and weaknesses of your current investment portfolio under various risk scenarios, like another 2008 market crash, rising interest rates and inflationary periods, etc. We present easy-to-read charts and graphs that illustrate what you own, how diversified you are, how much you’re currently paying in fees, the likelihood of when you will run out of money and more.

  • Current tax situation

    We shine a bright light on your current taxable situation by organizing your income sources (i.e., pensions, Social Security, rental income, qualified versus nonqualified dividends, required minimum distributions) and determining their projected impact to your future cash flows. We share your current investment portfolio’s taxable status, breaking down those assets that are subject to capital gains, ordinary income tax, tax free and tax deferred. We highlight how these different income sources and investment types impact your taxes at the marginal rate level and identify any gaps and tax-optimization opportunities.

  • Current health care and insurance situation

    We’ll help you assess your current health status and your projected longevity based on your family’s history. We highlight your current insurance coverage situation and identify any gaps that may need to be addressed as part of your planning.

    A healthy 65-year-old couple retiring in 2018 will need $280,000 to cover their health care costs in retirement, according to Fidelity Investments. But consumers retiring before they’re eligible for Medicare may face bigger expenses due to a gap in coverage.

    We’ll share stress test results of various potential what-if health care crisis scenarios and how they may derail you and your spouse’s retirement lifestyle. For instance, without proper health insurance, a client’s net worth might easily be wiped out if he or she needs long-term care. We’ll help you assess whether you can self-insure yourself and your family from these risks or if you may need additional coverage.

  • Estate planning situation

    We share with you the status of your current financial affairs to make sure it is up to date in order to protect your family and loved ones. We identify any gaps in your current estate planning situation. If you are not a Florida resident yet, we will share with you the many tax benefits of Florida residency. If needed, we share with you opportunities for advanced estate planning strategies.


We present you with the findings of all our analysis, including a detailed and holistic Retirement Roadmap Plan with specific recommendations for each of its five key strategic components, including retirement income planning, investment management, proactive tax planning, health care planning and comprehensive estate planning. Whenever possible, we identify opportunities to:

  • Minimize fees
  • Improve your future cash flow
  • Retire comfortably (or continue enjoying retirement comfortably)
  • Minimize future tax liabilities
  • Protect your assets with the right insurance coverage
  • Consolidate accounts of same registration
  • Protection from health care crisis
  • Protection from probate
  • Advanced estate planning strategies to protect and distribute your assets tax efficiently

We lay out our investment philosophy and present a recommended portfolio customized to your goals, risk profile, cash flow needs and more.

Finally, we present you with an estimated timeline for execution and a plan for collaborating with your accountant, attorney and insurance agent to accomplish the goals established in your financial plan.


If we’ve made it this far, most likely we’ll both decide to move forward together. To make the engagement official, you sign our AWM asset management agreement.* We walk you through all the necessary paperwork and the mechanics of the account transfer process. Welcome to the Client Family! Your financial life is centralized and streamlined. Your outlook changes as you begin to feel a lot more relaxed and in control.

*Our compensation is fee-based. Each year, you pay us a percentage of the assets we manage for you. The percentage decreases as your level of assets increases. You’ll find our fees very competitive with those of other firms, especially considering the broader holistic planning scope of work we perform and the broad list of all-inclusive services provided on-going for that low fee.


After six weeks, we invite you in for a status update. We examine your asset transfers and update your net worth statement with the new accounts. Together, we prioritize your financial planning goals. And we make sure you’re finding everything you need on our online client portal.


Our meticulous and holistic Retirement Roadmap management process is an ongoing discipline. As often as once a quarter, we sit down with you to update your plan. We review portfolio performance and progress on your custom Retirement Roadmap planning projects. We update your net worth, cash flows, tax situation, estate plans and beneficiary designations. We discuss new goals and objectives. And we identify opportunities for the future. Before each meeting, we ask for your input on needs or questions you may have and incorporate them into our agenda.

Access to your AWM team is wide open. Communication is frequent. As your needs grow more complex, there is a greater demand for our integrated services approach to simplify it all in a friendly family office setting.

Our holistic planning approach will ultimately give you confidence knowing that all important aspects of your retirement have been properly addressed and updated as necessary.

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There’s much more to retirement planning than just having an investment portfolio. Without proper planning in several important areas such income, taxes, estate planning and healthcare, your retirement could be at risk.


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