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Our holistic Retirement Roadmap Planning process is designed to address the five key strategic components we believe are essential to achieving a successful retirement. Many of our services are focused on planning and helping you navigate your Retirement Roadmap strategies, including retirement income planning, investment management, proactive tax planning, health care planning and comprehensive estate planning. Many others are ancillary but still essential.


Retirement Roadmap Planning

Getting organized and understanding the big picture are critical to making informed financial decisions and planning for retirement. The term we like to use for this comprehensive process is Retirement Roadmap Planning — it’s a retirement management philosophy that digs beneath the surface to uncover all areas that need to be considered for working toward your retirement goals.

Holistic retirement planning starts the moment we begin speaking with you. Before you can implement your Retirement Roadmap Plan intelligently, you have to establish your personal context. We help you clarify your dreams and vision for retirement. We make it rich and personal so that all five key strategic components of your personal plan are equally customized, nuanced and integrated into a holistic retirement plan you can be confident about. That’s the power of your personal Retirement Roadmap Plan using meticulous and comprehensive planning.

The five key strategic components of a well-thought-out Retirement Roadmap Plan are:

  1. We meticulously work with you to develop an integrated and tax-efficient Retirement Income Plan that will help ensure you don’t run out of money in retirement.
  2. We develop a Retirement Investment Plan focusing on maximizing returns per your level of acceptable risk and hedging against major losses that may derail your retirement lifestyle.
  3. We integrate a Proactive Tax-Efficient Strategy approach into your overall retirement plan so that you are making the right moves now to help minimize taxes later.
  4. Health Care Planning is becoming an even bigger part of comprehensive retirement planning. Longer lifespans and rising prescription costs are two big reasons retiree health care costs are expected to skyrocket. We integrate health care planning into our planning process and stress-test for what-if health care crisis scenarios that may derail you and your spouse’s retirement lifestyle, and we present strategies to help mitigate those risks.
  5. The last of the five key strategies is to implement Comprehensive Estate Planning to get your legacy wishes clarified and your financial affairs updated in order to help protect your family and loved ones.

Our holistic Retirement Roadmap Planning process helps give concrete expression to everything that’s important to you during retirement. These are a few of the many questions we ask — and answer — together with you.

  • What are your vision and dreams for retirement?
  • What do you value most in life?
  • What kind of lifestyle do you want?
  • When do you want to retire?
  • What are your living expenses now and projected during retirement?
  • If you’re already retired, what do you plan for your future?
  • How do you want to fund your kids’ or grandkids’ education?
  • How much risk are you comfortable taking on?
  • What philanthropic causes do you want to support?
  • How is your current health, and what’s the longevity history in your family?
  • Are there any special needs situations in your family that should be addressed?
  • What kind of legacy do you want to leave?

Throughout, we keep our eye on another important, ever-changing variable — how much cash you need.

Holistic Retirement Roadmap Planning is ongoing. Behind the scenes, we’re constantly monitoring your investments and implementing safeguards to help minimize your risk of running out of money, and we’re always striving to minimize your taxable retirement income, stay on top of rule changes that can impact your situation and capitalize on new planning techniques you can benefit from. At Advanced Wealth Management, our planning is meticulous and comprehensive to help provide you with the clarity and control you seek in your retirement plan.

Retirement Income Planning

Many retirees are concerned about whether they will outlive their savings. We understand that the No. 1 concern retirees have is “the risk of running out of money during retirement.”

Therefore, our first strategic goal is to address this risk by working with you to develop an integrated and tax-efficient Retirement Income Plan that will help ensure you don’t run out of money during your retirement.

One of the first tasks we do for you before you even become a client is to run your current net worth longevity analysis and share with you whether and when you run the risk of running out of money during your retirement. We’ll stress-test for multiple risks, such as long life, inflation, market crashes and potential health care crises.

We shine a bright light on your current taxable situation by organizing your income sources (i.e., pensions, Social Security, rental income, qualified versus nonqualified dividends and required minimum distributions) and analyze their projected impact to your future cash flows. Customized Social Security claiming strategies could help add income to your net worth’s retirement longevity.

We highlight how these different income sources and investment types impact your taxes at the marginal rate level and identify any gaps and tax-optimization opportunities.

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Advanced Retirement Income Strategies

Retirement Investment Planning

Once we’ve completed your Retirement Income Plan, we build an investment strategy tailored to the amount and type of risk you want to take on, the level of returns you’re targeting and the liquidity you need. We diversify among a variety of strategies to preserve your nest egg and use a bucket strategy to position your assets for future income needs, safety, liquidity and growth.

Here are some of the tools and principles we use to analyze your current investment portfolio and guide your investment strategy:

  • We believe it’s very important to analyze your current portfolio and assess levels of risk and stress-test the impact on your net worth’s longevity. One of our first tasks is to run your portfolio through our sophisticated risk assessment software tool, which will help you determine your appropriate retirement risk tolerance versus your current portfolio’s real risk profile. We do stress tests that highlight the strengths and weaknesses of your current investment portfolio under various risk scenarios, like another 2008 market crash, rising interest rates and inflationary periods, etc.
    How much can you afford to lose? We find many of you are shocked at the discrepancy between your risk tolerance and how much income you currently have at risk.
  • We will run a comprehensive fee and cost analysis of your current portfolio to see how much you are truly paying in fees. Fees are a required part of investing, but there are things you can do to help reduce them. Many investors don’t realize how much they are paying in fees. These fees can zap your portfolio’s returns and negatively impact your portfolio longevity. Even before we’re officially engaged, clients are shocked sometimes at the multiple layers of fees our analyses reveal to them. Operating under the fiduciary standard means we have your best interests in mind at all times and provide full transparency in all we do.
  • Once we jointly determine what your appropriate risk tolerance and investment goals are, we allocate your assets strategically between investments, insurance products, bank accounts and cash. If needed, we will review portfolio hedging and portfolio insurance options with you.
  • We diversify your portfolio, with the goal of maximizing return and minimizing risk within the stated objectives.
  • We invest for the long term, favoring low-cost investments and keeping a watchful eye on taxes that can eat up returns.
  • We search relentlessly for investment opportunities, including alternative vehicles, that have the potential to generate solid returns.

Like everything else we do for you, our investment process is exceptionally rigorous. Our team of financial professionals conduct painstaking due diligence on every investment vehicle we recommend. We use discipline and sophisticated technology to monitor your investments. We rebalance your portfolio strategically to make sure it remains aligned tightly with your objectives. We rebalance tactically when market opportunities appear. And we communicate the results clearly, so you’re always apprised of where you stand.

Proactive Tax-Efficient Strategies

Most accountants do a fine job of filing tax returns — getting the right numbers in the right boxes on the right forms. But there is more to consider when planning for retirement. That’s because taxes can be complicated in retirement. Having a solid strategy in place for how you will pay taxes on your retirement income can be an important component to living on a fixed income and avoiding surprises come tax time.

  • The first step to Proactive Tax-Efficient Strategies is to understand what your tax bracket is now versus in retirement so you can strategically plan to reduce taxes on your retirement income distributions. This will allow you to strategically plan the timing of your income distributions and withdrawals at the most favorable tax bracket during your retirement years.
  • By integrating Proactive Tax-Efficient Strategies into your overall retirement planning process now, you can potentially minimize taxes later.
  • We’ll use our sophisticated tax strategy software tool to run what-if scenarios that analyze for potential tax benefits of IRA to Roth conversions, optimal timing of your Social Security claiming options and planning the timing of your income withdrawal strategies.
  • We’ll help you get organized so you can see everything in one place and monitor your financial progress. We’ll work with your current accountant or refer a professional versed in Proactive Tax-Efficient Strategies to you.

Health Care Planning

Health care is becoming an even bigger part of retirement planning. Longer lifespans and rising prescription costs are two big reasons retiree health care costs are expected to skyrocket. A healthy 65-year-old couple retiring in 2018 will need $280,000 to cover their health-care costs in retirement, according to Fidelity.1 But consumers retiring before they’re eligible for Medicare may face bigger expenses due to a gap in coverage.

  • We’ll help you assess your current health status and your projected longevity based on your family’s history. We’ll highlight your current insurance coverage situation and identify any gaps that may need to be addressed as part of your planning process.
  • We’ll help you proactively plan for increasing health care expenses and stress-test for a potential health care crisis that may derail you and your spouse’s retirement lifestyle.
  • Health savings accounts for people with high-deductible insurance plans are becoming an important component of retirement savings plans. And things like long-term care insurance can help retirees avoid dependence on relatives, Medicaid or dipping into their retirement accounts to help pay for care.
  • We have attorneys who focus on elder law and can help you plan for Florida Medicaid eligibility and advise you on strategies to protect your home and assets.

1 Fidelity. April 18, 2018. “How to plan for rising health care costs.” Accessed June 26, 2018.

Comprehensive Estate Planning

The fifth key strategic component of our Retirement Roadmap Plan is to get your financial affairs reviewed and to make sure they are up to date in order to help protect your family and loved ones. We’ll work with your current attorney or refer a professional attorney versed in comprehensive estate planning to you. We partner with accountants and estate planning attorneys to help provide you with a comprehensive retirement strategy.


Benefits of Florida Residency

If you are not a Florida resident yet, we will share with you the many tax benefits of Florida residency, including:

  • Strategies and benefits of moving your assets to Florida
  • Constitutionally protected assets in Florida
  • Advanced trust strategies to protect assets
  • The eight estate planning documents all residents should consider
  • The validity of out-of-state wills and trusts in Florida

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Advanced Estate Planning Strategies

Integration and Execution

There’s a lot of connective tissue between retirement income planning, investment management, proactive tax-efficient strategies, health care planning and comprehensive estate planning and the rest of your financial infrastructure. We get directly involved in it all — think of us as your personal CFO. We don’t just theorize or make strategic recommendations and walk away — we help you execute, down to the fine details.

The degree to which we follow through is a fundamental difference you will find when working with us:

  • We’ll help you clearly see the full picture of your personal Retirement Roadmap Plan by using our sophisticated software tools to analyze your current net worth’s retirement longevity, your portfolio real risk profile and how it may fare in another crisis.
  • We shine a bright light on your current tax situation and perform what-if scenarios to optimize tax-efficient future withdrawals, including Social Security claiming optimization, IRA to Roth conversions, tax-optimization opportunities on 401(k) rollovers and more.
  • We run a comprehensive fee and cost analysis of your current portfolio to see how much you are truly paying in fees, we stress-test for a potential health care crisis that may derail you and your spouse’s retirement lifestyle and review optimal strategies to protect your estate and minimize taxes to your beneficiaries.
  • We review your estate plan together with your estate attorney or recommend one if needed.
  • We work closely with your accountant or recommend one to review your tax returns every year and contribute to year-end tax planning.
  • We analyze your insurance coverage, including homeowners, auto, life, disability and long-term care.
  • We help coordinate your philanthropy and help identify ways for you to give to your charities of choice.
  • We help small-business owners strategize and plan tax-efficient exit strategies.

If you need experienced resources in any of these areas, we’re happy to make recommendations from our network of trusted professionals. We serve as the nerve center, coordinating everything and facilitating crisp communication.

There are many different levels of wealth management service. Ours is holistic, meticulous and hands-on. Every single detail matters. You can rely on our constant vigilance today and for perpetuity.

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There’s much more to retirement planning than just having an investment portfolio. Without proper planning in several important areas such income, taxes, estate planning and healthcare, your retirement could be at risk.


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